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Diez imagenes curiosas, bonitas, espectaculares, peligrosas, para acabar la semana.

He will never leave. ???? Ph. @diegoweisz

Una publicación compartida de Surf Lifestyle (@surfsexsea2) el

Get sketchy with your squad today. #beachdaygoals #ridetogetherdietogether #weouthere via @troylattee @ptcordie

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Today my best friend walked out into the winter air?? ..... And felt the sun?? and The breeze for the first time in 6 days and five nights ... We almost lost him!!! he nilly left This world ...Maybe he did for a short space of time !! But he's a fighter and the strongest person to ever walk this earth in my eyes .... And he fort The hole way from the water till today when he walked out of those hospital doors ...... One step at a time we busted down doors getting healthier Mick never stopped fighting the whole way !!!!! and today we busted down the big door to a massive accident that could of happened to anyone ..... And now time to recover and get right back to where we where before it happened charging big barrels and catching big jewwies off the rocks we love ??????????????what we do and This will never stop us !!!!! We both respect mother ocean and will never blame her for what happened to us !!!!! She heals all our worries and breaths new life to us and makes us so unconditionally happy???????????????????????????????????????? KANGY I love you my soul mate .... I am so excited for a lifetime spent with you doing what we love and forever learning together I love you with all my heart and I'll be here for you till the day I leave this universe ?????????? @kirstiewills @dwillsy have done everything for us from cooking beautiful meals,,,a warm bed and so much support and love !!!you are family and family forever you guys are 2 angels ???????? and I love u guys with all my heart !!! Guys I can't express how greatful we both are ..... Xxxxxxx love u Choppys you are my brother I love you so much can't wait to drink coffee and hassle each other next surf your the most beautiful man on this planet and Mick is so lucky to have u we couldn't of done it without u and Matty prawn noodle !!!! I love u and thankyou for everything u have done !!! They say u can count your best friends on one hand ...... It's true love u guys like my family so greatful to have u in mylife !!!!!! And mum what u did I will never forget you where there for me trough thick and thin and I appreciate everything u did I love u with all my heart !!!!!! @nuriynmajik_creations all the prayers worked everybody ??????

Una publicación compartida de Tahlija Redgard (@tahlija_redgard) el

Oh man I love my job ! Gratitude overload ?? #ISD x @billabongwomens

Una publicación compartida de Laura Enever?? (@lauraenever) el

Surfborts #socialabsorption

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Good luck not mind surfing this one. ?? by @grantdphoto #urbnsurf #surfmore

Una publicación compartida de URBNSURF (@urbnsurf) el

Cloud barrels in Cayucos! Thanks for the photo @justinkalaniburbage!! #cayucoshotsauce #urbanbarrels

Una publicación compartida de Urban Barrels (@urbanbarrels) el

Shooting this past winter. Photo @honuwhisperer #shorebreak #clarklittle ??

Una publicación compartida de Clark Little (@clarklittle) el

Back on Q mode ???? #Ballito #10000 #southafrica A por el primer campeonato prime del año. Hego Afrikan lehiatzeko prest ???? ?? @cliff_photo

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