Kelly Slater se sincera

Kelly Slater charla en las oficinas de Vice Sports sobre la rivalidad entre la costa este y la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos, su participación muy criticada en los Vigilantes de la Playa y cómo afectó a su credibilidad como deportista, aunque gran parte de la entrevista la dedica a su rivalidad y amistad con Andy Irons.

Kelly Slater on Baywatch and Rivaling Andy Irons Sitdowns
on a show slater professional surfer spend my life traveling around the world yeah I think companies coz we had as especially back in a said seventies and eighties your account look down on from the west coast who is look down on no I and Australia down on everyone else kinda thing you know felt a little better server so there's always this kind of grudge match for us to to try and prove ourselves and for every community a world-class surfers and I beat him the best guys I B terminal actual champions tough but analysts say that eighteen-years-old I thought you know if I can I can there's no reason I can't win a world title I be the best guys in the world like Asheville to be a maritime that was my mindset you know I was just thinkin you know why should I think these guys guys down every time I I'd had a I had to distance myself from my the hall I felt home surfing its you know guys are my heroes i member when when I did baywatch read-out when I did I know there's a lot of fuels an economy fell out told their standard will for you know it was it was just commercializing you know sir bastardized thing where our culture lives for for character in has been too I quit so you know it will it with that wasn't really a fun time me a fun time for me at that time is you know I was a per-share became world champion and I was having a life that it to me it was like an offset like I was like okay I'm gonna do this like to keep my credibility II when this world title you help I just think as kids we learn to kind of if somebody's winning a lot you resent them someone who you wanna you wanna win yourself you know so if you can make it funny between friendship when guys doing super well known as nine I'm seen it with other guys again a row like Andy Irons for instance when he would be a huge role I know I had my voodoo doll out you know I wanted him to loosen I I could see other people when an you that dominate they wanted him to lose and then I could feel that I could if I was in that position and I was winning like that I can feel it from other people they were really back immediately but that i won you know I want someone else to be that guy the new on today's actually and his birthday and I his legacy the sport I mean he's just a legend in the sport you know as much as anybody ever and you know you me burn out fast and bright and using use tolley unapologetic about his ways you know he was in your face he was fuck you at all times when he wanted to win hand you know the last year are so that he was on tour before he passed away he lost that competitive edge we lost that competitive Shire because he was working sorta spiritually on himself and he saw competition is coming I i think you saw it is almost kinda getting in the way him being who he is you know sigh I think he was sorta torn between and it that's inside him that competitive natures inside only knows he's good at that so we we just had an hour for the most part people around a supported that like let them go it go to war and I you know if their thing and we'll pick our sides but you know will leave between them and it was Houston now is cool you know hey I've are a picture van and I we did to cover this magazine why week when I'm boxing gloves or each other space like this like it's going to rain it was in when we're coming down the pipe masters in in a be mean that final I remember any being really on remember looking at him in that photo shoot him that really intimidated not like I was in a fight him right there but just like he was uncomfortable with that on the intimacy of the photo she were in each other faces like disclose I have a square went to stare each other for companies in this photo shoot and even look at me and he's kinda looking down and stuffing you know I think very for me like our electric right now is eisin in for him he didn't want to give anything away so we have a real different ways of going about things but then when you get in the water you want to look great and you want to be right near girl and I wanted to you to myself so me it would he would flip phone or on the beach when we're in the water me we had different ways im approaching most everything in life you know I don't think I route again I'm of basic positive that assertions ever gone to war and I just don't feel all that energy with anybody you know don't feel that level a battle with anyone unification have better records on me head to head I really don't care but with Annie was personally know it was like no no I wanna be him more than he's gonna be me deletion and and I I think we're like pretty close to tide where I think a nasa my like tendon niners how many hits we had but I'm day you know there's a while there had my numbers be me every time Lee really tough to take by hand you know the very last time was surfing and show that was the last time a C-one he being an ass semifinals I think he won the contest you know her last time seven ish other.

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