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Estas son las diez imágenes que más me han gustado esta semana: Olas raras, ángulos originales, ballenas, cruceros...

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We humans have figured out some strange ways to f up this world. This is insanity. Imagine all the sugar and ingredients contained in these bottles and the effects on our health from that and the plastic containers leaching chemicals. And then there’s the impacts on the land to grow and source all the ingredients. Did you know, in some states in the US it’s illegal to capture rainwater on your own property or even grow food in your yard in some communities because it’s unsightly? But imagine if all these bottled drinks were replaced with rainwater we had at home. I’m not trying to say I’m not a part of this conditioning we’re accustomed to I’m just saying I’m grossed out by it. Maybe it takes seeing this to do something about it. All this eventually flows to the ocean which ends up in fish and bird diets and has further effects on the environment and our health. We don’t have much of an option but to think about it. I wonder what my house would look like if I kept all the garbage I created in a year inside or how long it would take to fill up my whole house so there was no space left to sleep or eat. Has anyone tried that? • • Repost @celestial_ras777

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Surfers Corner, since 1919 “Like all great stories, this one started with a boy and girl, well two boys and a girl to be exact. The year was 1919. The story goes that Price, a student at the University of Cape Town, befriended two U.S. Marines whose ship had stopped over in Cape Town en route to America after World War 1. The marines had brought with them two solid wooden “Hawaiian style” surfboards - also known as Alaia…” excerpt from ‘The Surfers Corner’ currently in The Sunday Times. If you’re in South Africa, grab yourself a copy of todays newspaper and give the full story a read. “If we can take just two things from these 100 years of past and present surf history and heritage of Muizenberg, it will be that the mellow, unassuming wave found beneath ‘The Berg is timeless, and that it was made for all; regardless of colour, creed, gender, class or craft of choice. Were a sign to be put up today regarding Muizenberg it would read, “Surf bathing in South Africa.” - all are welcome!”

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